Learn How to Use Young Living’s Diffusers

You should have received a diffuser when you purchased an essential oils Premium Starter Kit.

Let’s learn how to set up, operate, and clean each of the diffuser models that Young Living sells.

If you are in the market for additional diffusers, this is also a good way to know what features each different model offers.

A word of advice, it may seem like you can buy diffusers from other online retailers for less, but in my experience, they tend to break much faster and do not have the same warranty that Young Living diffusers have.

If your Young Living diffuser malfunctions for any reason during the first 12 months you own it, Young Living will replace it for you, no questions asked.   If you run into any trouble with your Young Living diffuser, give them a call at the customer service number on their corporate website and they will help you out.

What do you do if your diffuser is over 12 months old?   You have a few options:

Some tips to get the best use of your diffuser:

  • Do not overfill.   Fill only up to the max fill line.  This varies by diffuser type.
  • Read the user manual and use the type of water indicated for best performance.
  • Clean the diffuser according to manual instructions at least once a week.
  • Place it in a place where it is less likely to be knocked over by pets or young children.

Scroll down until you get to your model of diffuser:

Diffusers available in the Starter Kit:

Dewdrop Diffuser


Desert Mist Diffuser

Rainstone Diffuser


Aria Diffuser

Other Young Living Diffusers:

AromaLux Diffuser


Bamboo Diffuser

DinoLand and Dolphin Reef Kid’s Diffusers:

Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser:


Orb Diffuser

USB Diffuser

Older Diffusers You May have (but are discontinued for you to buy)

Rose Home Diffuser:

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