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Learn how to Share Young Living

In 2016, Sarah Harnisch, then a Young Living Platinum, now a Young Living Diamond set out to write the most comprehensive “how to” guide to sharing Young Living.

In early 2017 we dug into the book and workbook and found the system we had been looking for as a team.

You can learn exactly how to grow a Young Living business of any size from this book. It is a wealth of information, frequently asked questions, and practical tips to help you get from “Starter Kit to Silver”

We offer mentorship for implementing Gameplan, so please contact your sponsor, or send us a message through the site to get matched with a mentor.

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While it is possible to do the Gameplan system without the workbook, we’ve found that those who fill out the workbook and customize the plan to fit their needs are far more likely to actually apply what they learn.

That is why we strongly encourage you to invest in a workbook as well.

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Gameplan Planner

This planner will help you stay on track with your business building goals, break your projects up into bite sized pieces, and keep track of the people you are sharing with and team members you are mentoring.

Designed by Sarah Harnisch, author of The Gameplan, this planner will help you stay focused and moving steadily towards your goals.

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The YL Goal Getter

So now that you’re sharing Young Living, how do you know what to do on a daily basis to keep your business moving forward?

The secret to success is Income Producing Activities (IPA’s). This set of binder pages is the perfect followup to Gameplan, giving you the practical steps for each day of the month to help you to grow, and grow steadily.

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Gameplan Sharing Tools

This little booklet is a fantastic way to share the Young Living Business Opportunity with others.

Full of convincing facts and compelling stories, this little book is the perfect way to explain the possibilities that growing a Young Living Business can bring.

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Need more copies or prefer to do a bulk buy? Check out Sarah’s site HERE for bulk ordering and bulk pricing.

Are you or some of your members unsure of how to use your oils or other Young Living products? Maybe you (or they) feel lost and have no idea where to start.

This little booklet will take you from completely overwhelmed to confident in how to use your starter kit oils in 2 hours.

Written by the author of Gameplan, Fearless explains the reasons why you chose to try essential oils and gives easy, practical, and result getting ways to get started using the kit you already bought!

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Looking for bulk pricing to get this book into the hands of your teammates? CLICK HERE to buy in bulk or check out bulk pricing on Sarah’s website.

Learn how to Speak with Others More Easily

Learn more about how personalities influence your business. This book by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is the first personalities training that I listened to when I was first starting to share essential oils. He is funny, and really helps you to “get” the point about how to talk with others in a way that they will hear. It’s also great in helping you to understand where others are coming from much easier!

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Learn to use Social Media to Effectively Share

Lindsay Moreno built to Royal Crown Diamond by sharing online. To say she knows her stuff about social media is an understatement!

Getting Noticed is a short, to the point book that explains how to share authentically and without being salesy online.

If you are hoping to share with friends through Facebook or Instagram, this is the book that will show you how.

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Learn how to host a Successful Make and Take Gathering

Do you love making your own personal care products and cleaning supplies? Do you enjoy having people over to make them with you? Then this book is a great resource to help you hold a successful make and take event.

Jen pulls together 60 make and take recipes that you can pick from for your next event.

Keep in mind that if you are hoping to use this to grow a Young Living business, that you will definitely need to pair your event with a mini “Oils 101” presentation during your event with a strong close!

For fun, try to include starter kit oils in the make and take items you choose for your class!

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Once Your Team is Established

Downline Leadership is an in depth how-to for leaders.

I recommend once you hit the rank of Executive that you should dig into this book.

It will give you the tools to be able to manage mentorship, dealing with difficult situations, how to follow up with members, build relationships and help others to grow in their businesses as well.

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And because I mentioned the business, I would love it if you would check out the Young Living Income Disclosure to see the possibilities.

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