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Oil Revolution Designs

Oil Revolution designs is best known for beautiful graphics and infographics that are customized with your personal information automatically.

A basic subscription gets you the past two months worth of their graphics and stock photography, but we strongly recommend the Vault Subscription which contains every graphic they’ve ever made over the last several years. It is a gigantic treasure trove of compliant, awesome graphics and powerpoint slide sized graphics.

In addition to their graphic subscription service they also sell beautiful Young Living specific stationary, postcards, bottle stickers, starter kit guides, starter kit brochures, and other useful business tools.

CLICK HERE to see Oil Revolution Designs


Gro.Workspace is an amazing tool for printables related to business (followup worksheets, planning worksheets, income producing activity lists) but where it really shines is in content creation!

Every month they release two full classes, complete with scripts and graphics for you to use. You can use these classes on social media, as webinars, in person classes, or even create email campaigns with them. They include instructions on how to modify each class to fit different formats.

You can use these to educate your existing members or to reach out to prospects.

So if you’re a busy person who just doesn’t have time to write your own classes or look for good graphics to use with your classes, this is an amazing tool. You get far more value than the monthly subscription fee implies.

CLICK HERE to see Gro.Workspace

Wellness Scanner

iTovi Scanner for Wellness Evaluations

The iTovi bioscanner is a helpful tool to evaluate your own wellness needs, or to help others evaluate their wellness needs.

The iTovi scanner uses bioimpedance to measure the body’s response to different products and to evaluate which the body responds to.

This can help provide a potential wellness plan for you, prospects, or members.

From iTovi: “The iTOVi scanner is highly accurate at measuring and displaying reactions from your body. iTOVi’s algorithm follows frequency patterns it sees and takes an overall wellness snapshot at the time of the scan. The scanner determines which products from your company are best connected to those frequency patterns.

iTOVi measures the reactionary portion of the body, which changes at surprisingly quick speeds. Once the pattern from the scan is captured, the scanner makes intelligent, and personalized, product recommendations.

If you run a repeat scan within a short period of time, the technology takes into account your previous scans and recommendations. This is very important. As the scanner gathers more information about your body’s responses, the more intuitive the results become. Over time, past information influences the scan less and less, allowing the recommendations to be impacted by your current needs.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about the iTovi Scanner

Smart Phone Apps

Oily Tools

Once you have are growing a Young Living team, it is very helpful to invest in the Oily Tools app. You can use this app to keep track of things like:

  • Your estimated commissions for the month
  • Your rank
  • Projections of your growth for the month
  • Notifications of products coming back into stock
  • Notifications of products going out of stock
  • Access team member contact info and text them directly from the app
  • Run pre-made reports or run custom reports
  • Export reports to use in other programs like Project Broadcast or Excel or send to your email

CLICK HERE to check out the Oily Tools App


CLICK HERE to see the official Oily Tools Facebook Group where you can get help with how to use the app.

Project Broadcast

Looking for a way to text your team and keep it personal? Looking for a simple way to follow up with prospects? Project Broadcast is a very cost effective, highly feature filled way to keep the personal touch of text, with the convenience of templates, personalization, text campaigns, and keywords.

Reach out to your members easily using your Project Broadcast phone number to build and nurture relationships.

CLICK HERE to check out the Project Broadcast App

PS. If you choose to start using the Project Broadcast app, please let us know so we won’t not be doubling up on sending the same info to the same team members. Kristen Bellinger currently uses Project Broadcast to reach out to all All the Essentials team members who have not opted out of text messages, and who are not currently served by a member using Project Broadcast.

Want help learning how to use the Project Broadcast app? Join their Facebook help group HERE.

Replicated Website with Blogging Option

YL DIST websites

YL Dist websites are a very high quality, beautifully made plug and play website option for you to send potential members to.   You also have a blog option that you can use if you want to get started writing blog articles without the hassle of learning how to build a website first.

It has been my experience that this sort of website option is VERY useful if you use it as a place to send people you personally meet to get more information and then do good followup.   It is also a good place to send a direct link to your sign up page so they can get started easily.

It is not as useful if you are looking to attract people site unseen from the internet.   However, if you need an online “base of operations” to send people from in person sharing, this is an excellent option to have a sleek, comprehensive resource to answer almost any prospect’s questions and help them sign up.

Check out YLDIST by Clicking HERE

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